If you're a UK GP locum, this site can help you get work, invoice your practices, complete 'GP Locum A & B' (for all nations), keep tabs on your finances and more.

Locum Organiser has been successfully used by thousands of GP locums over the last 6 years so we hope it will help you too.

It's continually updated, includes prompt and helpful email support and is backed by the HOT TOPICS GP Update Course.

Just to be clear, we're not an agency, we don't handle your money and we don't accept bookings on your behalf - Locum Organiser is simply a set of online tools which you can use as you wish to make your locum life easier - and being online, you can use them on any computer or tablet.

If you're a GP Practice looking for locums, we have a special free site to help you find those available in your area.

Locum Organiser costs just £12 per month. It's tax deductible. You can cancel at any time or pause your subscription if you simply have a break from locuming. There's a free three month trial with no obligation and no credit card details required - just sign up and away you go! more...

This works for thousands of GP locums...

"Thanks again for your brilliant website - I can't begin to tell you how much it has transformed/enhanced my locum activities"

"The website works brilliantly for me, and you have made the administrative side of being a locum a breeze!"

"I must say that I am truly impressed with your product and your approach to customers. Your service is more than worth the subscription you charge."

I think the website is fantastic and as a GP new to locuming it has addressed all my anxieties about managing bookings, invoicing, pension forms etc, so thank you!

"I have just started locuming and came across your site by chance. I think it's brilliant and it's making my life so much easier."

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