GP Locum Pension Forms

Locum Organiser can generate 'GP Locum A', 'GP Locum B' and 'GP Solo' in seconds by using the data in your private diary.

When you create an invoice for a practice, a completed GP Locum A form will be automatically be added to your invoice where appropriate. They can then be printed or emailed to the practice in one go.

To generate a Locum Form B, simply select the month required. Locum Organiser will sum up all the invoices which have been paid in your selected month and create the form for you - with all the calculations performed according to your personal circumstances. All you need do is sign and post it.

All the necessary pension percentages etc need only be specified once in the options screen, then you can forget about doing the calculations every month!

GP Locum A,GP Locum B, GP SOLO

If you're a locum in Scotland or Northern Ireland you'll have different forms to those in England and Wales. Not a problem - just set the appropriate scheme to use in the options screen and Locum Organiser will use the correct forms and calculations.

Our forms are always kept up to date as the pension schemes in each country change.